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HSE en EspaƱol

Para registrarse y hacer una cita para la prueba ETS-HiSet.

Información importante acerca de cambios en el examen de equivalencia de escuela secundaria

Hay un nuevo examen de equivalencia de escuela secundaria . El Centro de Pruebas de Equivalencia Paterson High School está administrando la prueba ETS- HiSet (prueba en computadora).

Para aquellos que han tomado la prueba, pero no han pasado (a finales de 2013), sus calificaciones han caducado. Usted tendrá que tomar la nueva prueba de equivalencia de escuela secundaria (HiSet).

Al pasar el nuevo examen de equivalencia es la clave para abrir las puertas a la universidad, un trabajo mejor, y ganándose el respeto que se merece. No se pierdas esta oportunidad de convertir un pequeño paso en su próxima gran oportunidad!


Ms. Maria Lorenzo -HSE Examiner


HSE Testing Center

TESTING INFORMATION FOR THE (HSE) High School Equivalency Test (Formerly known as G.E.D.)

Important Information Regarding Changes to the High School Equivalency Test

There is a new High School Equivalency Test. The Paterson High School Equivalency Test Center is administering the ETS-HiSet Test (Computer-based Testing).

For those who have taken the test but have not passed (by the end of 2013), your scores have EXPIRED. You will have to take the new High School Equivalency Test (Hi-Set).

Passing the new High School Equivalency Test is the key to opening doors to college, a better job, and earning the respect you deserve. Don’t miss this chance to turn one small step into your next big opportunity!

Eligibility Requirements to take the High School Equivalency Test

  • Must be a resident of New Jersey
  • Have not graduated from an accredited high school or received a High School diploma or equivalency certificate.
  • Must be at least 16 years old and officially withdrawn from school

How to Register for the ETS-HiSet Exam

Please go to the Hi-Set Test website at:   You must register online for appointment dates and to pay for your exam.

You will be required to pay a test fee of $90.00 by credit or debit card only.  

Once you have registered through Hi-Set, you will have to come to the Paterson HSE Testing Center on the Monday of your test week, with the following:

  •  Bring 1 of the following: Social Security card, taxpayer ID, social insurance card, deferred action ID card.
  •  Bring 1 of the following: Photo Driver’s License, State or County Photo ID Card, US Passport, Foreign passport with accompanying letter  in a sealed envelope from Consulate verifying authenticity of the passport.
  • Bring 1 of the following: lease, mortgage, bank statement or bill showing New Jersey residency

Test Fees/ Refunds: -

LOCATION : The Paterson HSE Testing Center is located at:
151 Ellison Street
Paterson, NJ 07505


Initial Total Cost

Retest Cost





Initial Testing Full Battery

$90.00 battery paid to HiSet online


Individual Subtest
$25 paid to HiSet online


If battery purchased, ETS fee, $8.00

paid to HiSet online per subject.




Misleading High School Equivalency Diploma Claims

Please be aware of fraudulent websites that claim you can pay a fee and earn your high school equivalency diploma. Testing including online must be administered at an official High School Equivalency testing site.

Student Resources

Took the GED Test before the Year 2014?

Need a transcript?  You will need to

contact the State Dept. of Education at:  

Tel # 609-777-1050   

Fax#: 609-984-0573


New Jersey Adult Education


NJ Approves Alternatives to GED Test

New Jersey HiSET® Requirements




  • You cannot take a subtest more than three times in a calendar year. This is true whether you take them individually, as a battery, or in any other combination.
  • Certain states have a waiting period for retesting.
  • If you bought a battery:
    • You get two FREE retests for each subtest within a 12-month period from the date you purchased your battery.
    • After the 12 months are up, you must pay $15 for each subtest you want to retake, or you can purchase a new battery.
  • If you purchased an individual subtest, you must pay $15 for each subtest you want to retake.
  • If you purchase a new battery, you get another 12-month period with two free retests per subtest.
  • Whether you purchase subtests individually or as a battery, there may be additional state or test center fees to retest.