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English as a Second Language Program

Our Classes

Our E.S.L. program is designed for adults whose native language is not English. We introduce students to the basic structures and vocabulary of the English language through reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Emphasis is placed on acquiring skills necessary to function effectively in an English-speaking environment.  Adults who complete ESL programs often subsequently enroll in other basic skills programs or begin preparation for citizenship.  

Currently our school offer two levels of instruction, beginner and intermediate.



Our Students

The students in our classes work very hard to improve their English language skills and learn about American culture.  They come from countries all around the world. They speak many different languages and dialects. They practice different religions and customs and their ages vary greatly as well as their life experiences. But ultimately they are all here for the same reason … to learn English!

Our students have unending determination and pride in all they do and the abundance of experience and wisdom they bring to the classroom is astounding, therefore providing a unique yet ideal environment for learning.


Side by Side

U.S.A. Learns - Activities


Unit 1: First English Class - Introduction & Vocabulary

Unit 2: In the classroom - Language Practice

Unit 4: Around the Clock - Review and Quiz

Unit 5: The Calendar - Language ...more